Wedd lounge: Mommy & Daddy & I

I had the absolute joy of participating in Weddlounge about less than two weeks ago. I was asked to come on the show to share my thoughts on a beautiful wedding that was completely out of the norm and surpassed any boundaries. My thought on it; it’s about time.

I know there are couples that continue to fight parents, families and the community on the religious level but this was more then just that. It’s about a young mother and her daughter and how they met a man who looked pass all of it. We’ve seen this storyline and scenario in Bollywood films but the notion is this wouldn’t be permitted in our culture. But this wedding definitely beat that taboo.

When i heard this story, I immediately thought of the Tanishq ad that was released this year and how it created such an impact in our community.  If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is again, it received over a 1 million views and it made headlines in every major newspaper:

And once you watch the story of this lovely family you’ll be reaching for a box of tissues, Jawad from Filmstyle captured their beautiful story through film and it will pull at your heartstrings:

Mommy, Daddy & I from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

Here’s me (I was quite nervous) and the lovely couple Ray and Savitri along with their daughter and makeup artist Shobana from Amplified Soul, watch them tell you their beautiful story. It’s heartwarming.


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