7 Inspirations for Bridal Jewelry

Finding the right pieces of jewelry for your wedding saree/sari can be difficult. Tracking down handpicked unique pieces can be a task and you want to make it fits in with your saree. Here are 7 inspirations to help you coordinate you jewelry with your wedding saree

1. SIMPLE SAREE BRIDE: Layer lots of necklaces at different lengths and style. Keep the staggered look to achieve this bridal look. The style fits and works well when the saree is simple.  Pairing it with heavily worked sarees will cause it to loose its appeal.

2. AUTHENTIC & REGAL BRIDE: Pearls definitely carry a regal look to them so pairing them with kundan brings about a whole new look.  Look for necklaces with multistrands and this gives it a full look.

3. GOLDEN & TRADITIONAL BRIDE: Traditional brides can keep it classy and pair their old wedding thali with similar gold necklaces. Add some umph by adding layers.

4. DRAMATIC BRIDE: Chokers are back and its perfect for the brides with long necks. If you are this bride you can pair your choker with a small and wide necklace.

 5.  BIG & BOLD & BEAUTIFUL:  For brides who like big and bold jewelry, this look curates bold statements. Pairing the big bold necklace with a simple long necklace creates drama without overdoing the whole look.

 6. EMBROIDERED RICH COLOURED SAREE BRIDES: Pairing embroidered sarees  rich in colour with simple jewelry goes a long way. It may not be enough sometimes but for brides who are not big on jewelry, this might be your look.

7. MODERN BRIDES:  If you’re a bride who likes to incorporate non-traditional wedding jewelry, try big statement necklaces from perhaps J Crew or Aldo. Create drama, romance and some modern flair by getting various types of jewelry, perhaps crystal/kundan and more.

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