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Sunnybrook Park Shoot by Toronto Vendors

As seen on Style Me Pretty, this lovely inspiration shoot has me oohing and aahing. The softness of the images and lovely details of the shoot takes your breath away, countless times. I especially love the mix of cultures, I’m also in dire need of that beautiful wedding dress (when I get married). With an increase in interfaith and interracial marriages, it’s always lovely to see inspirations for soon to be brides of 2013. This is a great way to mix the culture and it’s quite simple. Bonus, you get to wear two beautiful dresses. Have a look at the full feature here:

Vendors: Photography: Ovyian Photography / Photo Shoot Venue: Sunnybrook Park in Toronto, Ontario / Creative Direction + Production: Lemon Truffle Designs + Noor Artistry / Set Design + Styling: Amna of Lemon Truffle Designs / Floral Design: Berries & Blooms / Stationery: Barbara Kua Calligraphy / Linens + Tableware Rentals: Chair-man Mills / Chair Rentals: Contemporary Furniture Rentals / Favors: Couture Favor Shoppe / Bride’s White Dress: The One Bridal / Bride’s Mint Green Dress: Naz Fashion Bug / Hair:Melissa Noelle / Makeup: Noor Artistry

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Friday Flowers

Image Source: Amy Merrick

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Fresh Accessories

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Floral: Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath for decor and bouquets extends the simple and fresh visual; ideal for the the modern bride.

Image Source:  notes on a wedding, the knot, my bride idea, Mega Hobson

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Flower Power

Choose wisely. Think about the style of your wedding. The theme. The colors. Your wedding bouquet will be with you and photographed consistently. Below are just a few selections of gorgeous and unique bouquets designed by the experts of the industry. I hand picked a few of my favourite bouquets within the family colour of purple and red but you can check out more bouquets on InStyle Weddings.

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Fresh Centerpieces

Martha Stewart Weddings

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Wedding Garlands

(Left to Right): Row 1: White and Red Carnation Garland; Row 2: Multicolor Garland (Steve Holmes Photography); Row 3 White and Red Flowers: The Knot; Row 4: Rose Garlands, Jasmine Garlands, Carnation Garlands (Art of Love Photography) Row 5: Orchid Garland (Lucida Photography)

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White Wedding Bouquets

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LILY OF THE VALLEY: With their dainty, bell-shaped florets and their heavenly fragrances, lily of the valley look pretty alone (as a ribbon-wrapped posy) or mixed with other relaxed looking blooms, such as sweet pea or garden roses. Though typically pure white, there exists or rarer pink version. The high price and short growing season of lily of the valley means it isn’t the best options for every bride.

lilyofthevalley0 lilyofthevalley2 lilyofthevalley4

lilyofthevalley3 lilyofthevalley6

HYDRANGEA: Round, bushy heads of scentfree blossoms most often found in shades of blue, pink, purple or white (though green ones can also look chic in a like-hued or white bouquet). Moderately priced with a casual, romantic feel, hydrangea works nicely with lilacs, delphinium and other garden blooms, but can also help to fill out bouquets composed of more formal-looking flowers.

hydreagea3 hydrange61 hyrdrangeas3

hydragea4 hydrangea2 hydrangea

GARDENIA: Creamy petaled, ivory hued gardenias have a rich perfume and a high price tag. To keep costs down, use them sparingly: Two or three floating in a low bowl makes a clean, modern centerpiece, while a smaller posy, offset by the flowers waxy green leaves, can be quite pretty as a bouquet. Because they tend to wilt and bruise easily, think twice before carrying gardenias in hot, humid weather, and wet your fingers before handling them: even oil from your skin can harm the petals. Gardenias show especially well at a softly lit nighttime wedding.

gardenia0 gadenia2

gardenia3 gardenia

ORCHID: One of the most exotic, seductive-looking wedding-day blooms, orchids come in shades from white to vibrant pink to chartreuse. Only a few of its species are used in weddings. Fragrant, star-shaped cymbidium orchids and wide, flat petaled phalaenopsis orchids are the most expensive. Long stemmed dendrobiums are perfect for cascade bouquet as well as cattleya orchids with their thin, curved petals. Used commonly as accents are tiny onicidium orchids [spray orchids].

orchids5 orchids3 orchids7

orchids6 orchids orchids2

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