5 Inspirations for Accessorizing

Accessories play a big part in South Asian weddings and it’s incredibly important to not get carried away. Layer pieces cautiously and play up beautiful  jewellery pieces.



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Enjoy the Journey of Wedding Planning

Be sure to enjoy the journey of wedding planning. Although things may get hectic and tiresome remind yourself that these moments are a once in a lifetime. Plan it as you and your partner wish and let the little things slide. Fill the room with love and take in all the beauty of family and friends coming together for a great beginning.

Image source: Divinemethod Photography

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Fun Facts by Simply Bridal

Image source:  Simply Bridal


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Trendy Flower Girls

Keep the theme going by getting your flower girls to fit your style and inspiration – it’s completely adorable.

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Wedding Jewelry: Tikka

Selecting your wedding jewelry can be incredibly difficult as it is an important element in the South Asian wedding. It is the finishing touch that completes the look.  The pieces have to coordinate well with your entire look and outfit. What can be even more difficult is selecting the right headpiece. The selected headpiece needs to fall in line with  your hairstyle and fit snuggly. My suggestion, if your choices are limited, get creative with necklaces. 

 Image Source: Amrapali Jewels , Valaya JJ Fashion 2011


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Wedding Confetti

Being an avid reader there can be nothing more satisfying than incorporating a personal favourite romance novel into a wedding day somehow. I know, or better yet I’m positive there are many brides that feel the same way. With that in mind, my daily Etsy tour/search/browse brought me to this, a Vintage Wuthering Heights Confetti.  You can use it for multiple purposes and ddeforest (creator) is able to do this using music notes amongst other things.

A suggestion, if you are looking for your own DIY project; create the paper cone yourself using one of your favourite novels and fill it with treats. This can be guests’ take home, favours or keepsake.

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An Indian Twist to the Sweet Table

We’ve seen the sweet tables of chocolate, candies, pastries, cake and fruits. What we haven’t seen is a table of Indian sweets. You can easily add a little culture and taste of India. Open up a midnight sweet table with some chai, some Indian sweets, and some tropical fruits.

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Details – They Matter

Napkins. Matter.

If you are going for elegance my advice is keep it simple. Do NOT stick the napkins in the glass. Use simple napkin folds and it will create a great look.

Photo Credits:

(From left to right): Row 1: Beautiful Silks; Sofia Negron ; Row 2: ;The Knot ; Row 3: Colin Cowie Napkin Folds; Rabbit Ear Fold  (Image by Arras K)

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It seems to me, to myself,

that no man was ever before

to any woman what you are to me -

the fullness must be in proportion

you know to the vacancy…

and only I know what was behind -

the long wilderness without the blossoming rose…

and the capacity for happiness,

like a black gaping hole,

before this silver flooding.

Elizabeth Barrett (Browning)

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Choose Wisely – Topic of the Month

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will always remember it and cherish it. The truth is the months of planning fly past you and the wedding day, even faster. So always remember to take the time to relax and enjoy your wedding day, don’t stress and let the experts handle everything. Only if you relax can  you have fun and contain the glow of the newly wed in your photos.  Your photos will be by your side forever and ever. They’re the pieces to your memory of the glorious day when you took the oath to love one another whole-heartedly.

With that being said you must choose wisely on who is going to be the special photographer who is going to capture all the sweet memories of this special day.  Here are a few tips on how to hire a photographer:

1) Do your homework!  Research, ask friends, search the web, check out the photographers portfolio. Nowadays many of them have a blog, I suggest you take a look at that as it shows you their most recent work.  Flip through magazines, such as WedLuxe, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Wedding Bells, Brides, Kismet,  and Suhaag.  Ask your vendors if there is anyone they would recommend.  Then choose your top five to six photographers and set an appointment.

2) Focus in on each photographer and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask to see the album of one full wedding, they usually have this ready to show (they should anyways).  This way you get to look at all the shots.  Now the most important thing I believe is comfort. Please make sure that  you feel comfortable around the photographer. You should feel at ease around this photographer.

3) Check the contract:  Once you’ve pinpointed a photographer that fits your style and budget book them right away!  Photographers get booked really yearly, years in advance.  The contract should clearly indicate the date of the ceremony and reception and the hours of the photographer and assistant(s), and overtime charges.  The price and cancellation policy should be included.  The contract should also address image ownership.

4) Know what the fee Entails:  The fee should be spelled out in detail as services vary.  Each photographer has a different method of charging ( ie. flat fee – with album prices included) . Piecemeal packages may look cheaper but always double check.

Keeping this mind, venture out into the world of art and discover the many talents of our Canadian photographers. We thought we might help out our readers this month by sharing with you some of our favorite Canadian photographers that have the experience of shooting South Asian weddings, that contains interracial and multifaith weddings. Be prepared to fall completely in love.

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